Dezignext was founded in 2010 to provide training and design solutions from actual certified instructors and professionals from any geographical location. The training philosophy centers around the belief of providing options that are self-centered to the student.

The principal training goal of Dezignext is to provide live classes from live instructors whose approach to teaching uses a balance of lecture with hands-on exercises. This gives students the ability to learn the material at their pace over an extended amount of time or as quickly as needed.

What makes us unique is we actually work with the student at their pace, in many cases on a one-on-one basis. This concept allows beginners the time they need to learn a new application while moving experienced users at a faster pace if desired. In addition to this, all students receive 1-year of FREE refresher courses after their training has been completed.

To support this goal, we have established multiple ways to attend classes regardless of your location ...

1. From Your Home or Work

All LIVE online classes can be attended from your home or work - all you need is a high-speed Internet connection. We’ll ship you any course material prior to your scheduled start date. In most cases, we'll even provide or register you for any free or trial based student software that comes with the course.

2. From One of Our E-Learning Computer Labs

Dezignext’s eLearning program is based upon content from the courseware we use in our standard Instructor-led courses. To start the training, all you need is access to the Internet and the software. In some situations, you may be eligible to receive a student or trial edition of the software. With access to your eLearning bundles for one full year, and available any time of day, you can learn whenever it is convenient for you.

3. Onsite At Your Organization

For organizations that have a group of individuals that need trained at the same time with the same course, our onsite training could be the most economical solution. You pick a date and time that works for your organization (subject to instructor availability) and we'll send an instructor to your location so you don’t have to travel to us ... You can even customize course content so we're covering exactly what's relevant to you..




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