Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you have a location near me?

We will host onsite training at your location for groups and at our Live Events throughout the year.

2) What’s the difference between online and onsite training?

With live online, you attend from your home or office using our online training environment with a live instructor. To sign up for Live Online find a specific course you would like to take from the course catalog here. Our onsite training is done at your place of employment or pre-determined location. We send one of our instructors to that location to do the training workshop. Onsite classes are primarily for organizations with 4 or more students. Because onsite classes are private, we can adapt the training to your specific needs. If you are interested in booking onsite training, please submit a Quote Request or call 844-295-5510.

3) Will I be certified upon completion?

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your course. If you are interested in additional certification, our courses are designed to prepare the students to take the appropriate certifications exams. We do provide certification exams to students for some online and onsite training. Students are responsible for arranging and paying for the certification exams with us prior to the training date.

4) Do you accept the G.I. Bill or other Financial Aid?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept the GI Bill or Student Loans since Dezignext Technologies is not an authorized institution that accepts those forms of payment.

5) What are the lengths of your courses?

Most classes follow the guidelines set forth by the software entity we are training for (i.e. Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, etc.). Those organizations use authorized curriculum providers to supply their training material and recommend an average length for the training. We follow the guidelines set forth by our vendors be we also let our experienced instructors work with you to provide the training in a time frame that’s suitable for you.

6) Can you provide one on one private training?

We can provide private one on one training but we would still need to charge the minimum onsite price for each course which may not be a cost-effective approach. Live online training will always be the economical approach for private training.

7) What type of payment do you accept?

We accept any major credit card including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Personal or company checks and direct deposits via bank transfer (EFT/ACH) are also accepted.

8) Which course should I take?

Our course pages provide detailed course outlines however the best approach if your confused is to call our main line to ask a question (844-295-5510).  You can also use our Chat session located at the bottom of the screen.

9) Do I need to have the software installed on my computer in order to take a class?

Yes, if you are attending a Live Online class from your home or office, you will need to have the software you are learning installed. If you are using our laptops for onsite classes, our software will be installed however, if you’re using your systems, you will need to have the software installed. There are several software solutions we can provide if needed.

10) Do you offer job placement after I have completed my training?

We do not offer any type of job placement since our focus is strictly for corporate organizations. Most of our customers are already employed and are seeking additional training that is required for their current or future positions.