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Solid Edge Training ClassesDezignext Technologies provides more than 100+ 2D/3D Modeling, BIM, CAD, Design, Graphics, Video, IT, Security and Business training courses throughout Madison, WI. Whether you're looking for customized onsite Solid Edge Training Classes for a private group throughout the Madison, WI area or an instructor-led online Solid Edge class, Dezignext Technologies Learning has the solution for you.

Solid Edge is a powerful solids modeling software used by many large companies. Engineering and Technical Drawing Using Solid Edge features a series of lessons that guide new users of Solid Edge to become intermediate users with the knowledge to create complex designs. A large number of problem layouts are provided covering the many features of Solid Edge.

This course introduces students to the process used to create models. Specific topics covered in this process include 2D sketching, constraining sketches, creating solids, producing drawings, dimensioning, and printing. Within the modeling environments the student will learn to create parts, assemblies, sheet metal parts, weldments, and drawings. Also mentioned in this course are additional tools for animation, linked motion, finite element stress analysis, bent tubing and wire routing.

Dezignext Technologies offers organizations in or around Madison, WI hands-on-intensive Solid Edge training and certification courses to empower you with the most recent tools and techniques for accelerating your personal skills and career. Our certified trainers have years of experience in delivering comprehensive Solid Edge trainings to help you achieve skills and techniques you desire.

Training Formats for Solid Edge for Madison, WI


Solid Edge Training Class Schedule | Solid Edge Courses

Class Title Month Days Hours Cost Location Registration
Solid Edge Jan 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Feb 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Mar 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Apr 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge May 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Jun 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Jul 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Aug 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Sep 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Oct 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Nov 4 32 $1,395 Live Online
Solid Edge Dec 4 32 $1,395 Live Online


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Since 2001, our certified instructors here at Dezignext Technologies have been offering customized private training solutions for organizations throughout North America.

We offer all the classroom or online courses in a private format - at your facility, online or through group training events. Our dedicated training consultants are here to help you arrange training sessions for your learning goals.

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