Alexa Cloudfront

Interactive Design Solutions

Captivating designs and interactions with your environment through cutting edge digital environments is no longer science fiction. Dezignext can help you quickly and easily turn your CAD data into interactive, real-time experiences. AR, VR, and MR let you navigate data-rich design environments so engineers, designers and builders can make better-informed decisions and create convincing experiences.

  • AR adds digital elements to the real world and projects them onto your line of sight. Using AR, workers can view an overlay of 3D models and project information at a job site.

  • VR replaces the real world with a simulated one in 3D. With VR, you can experience a simulation of a factory you’ve designed — with machines running — all before it’s built.

  • Mixed Reality (MR) is a hybrid of virtual reality and augmented reality. Using Mixed Reality, you can touch a real table and use it as an interface to manipulate a digital model.