Training Policy

By paying the invoice, you agree to the following:

Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy shall apply to all training engagements, Live Online, Onsite, Consulting Services and Dedicated/ Custom Training:

  1. Dezignext Technologies reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the date, time and location of its class at any time. In the event that a Training Class is canceled by Dezignext Technologies, Customer is entitled to a full refund. Dezignext Technologies shall not be responsible for any other loss incurred by Customer as a result of a cancellation or reschedule.
  2. No refunds are issued if we need to reschedule a class due to an illness, emergency or event beyond our control. Any classes that need postponed will be rescheduled with the student at its earliest convenience. Similarly, we understand that things come up with family, illness, personal matters or work schedules therefore we will gladly reschedule any scheduled training dates if you need us to.
  3. Training is usually scheduled to start within 2-3 weeks of the payment date however start dates within a specific time frame are not guaranteed.
  4. Students have 1 year to complete the course once the training has started. No refunds are issued after 1 year regardless of whether the course has been started or not completed.
  5. No Show Policy - If the individual training has not shown up within 15 minutes of the start time (unless previous arrangements have been made), Dezignext reserves the right to cancel the class and reschedule it for a later date. No refunds will be issued due to unauthorized no-shows.
  6. Since schedules are customized individually for one-on-one training sessions, class make-up dates are scheduled individually. No student will be penalized for rescheduling a training session.
  7. Training programs include ALL courses that you signed up for.
  8. No refunds are giving once the training program has started. - This includes unattended classes. Students have 1 year to complete the training program/courses that they signed up for.
  9. For cancellation of a course or training program that has not started within 30 days of the registration, students will receive a 75% refund of the course tuition, after 60 days from the registration, students will receive a 50% refund of the course tuitions, after 90 days from the registration, students will receive no refund of the course tuition. Course tuition does not including materials and administrative fees.
  10. For Customer cancellations when written notice is received at least three (3) business days in advance of the class, the Customer is entitled to a full refund of its payment less any material, administrative and travel fees that have been incurred.
  11. For all Training orders, cancellation notices must be submitted to Dezignext Technologies is not responsible for any error in the delivery of the email notice. In the event of any reschedule of Onsite training and/or Consulting Services and/or Dedicated/Custom Training by Customer, Dezignext Technologies will invoice Customer for all non-refundable travel expenses.
  12. If the Customer cancels less than five (5) business days, the Customer shall not be entitled to a refund, but shall receive a class credit to be used within three (3) months of the date of the original class.
  13. If eligible, the Customer will receive the refunded amount within thirty (30) days of the cancellation.
  14. If a student or anyone affiliated with a student cancels or postpones a training session on its scheduled day, Dezignext Technologies reserves the right to count that as one of the scheduled training sessions.
  15. The balance of any unscheduled training sessions may be switched to another user however, the new student will only be permitted to take the number of training sessions that were unused.

Addition Policies

  1. Customer is responsible for any and all additional collection fees in the event of a non or late payment.
  2. Dezignext is not responsible for the installation or technical support of the software. The Customer is responsible for ensuring each student attending has a working computer system with the Standard, Trial or Student Edition of the software that will be used during training.
  3. Dezignext is not responsible for providing any version of the software for training including full, trial or student editions. All students must have their own software installed prior to training.
  4. The customer must provide their own equipment and software for the training unless the Customer is renting equipment from Dezignext. Laptop rentals for onsite training courses must be requested in writing and agreed upon a minimum of 3 weeks prior to training. Dezignext is not responsible for Customer computer hardware or software technical issues of any kind including installations of any software, practice files or Internet related issues that will hinder the delivery of the training.
  5. To respect student privacy, all training related information is discussed only with the individual taking the course. Dezignext staff will not discuss any student information with anyone other than the student.
  6. Any disrespect or aggressive behavior towards an instructor of any kind will result in an immediate termination with no refund regardless of how much of the course/program has been completed
  7. Course Certification will be delivered after the final class permitting required coursework has been completed and all course fees have been paid in full

Onsite Refund Policy

When you engage Dezignext Technologies services to hold an onsite or private class, you acknowledge and agree to our Onsite/Private class policies and conditions. This includes payment/cancellation/reschedule policies, some of which are time sensitive.

Dezignext Technologies onsite/private classes require assignment of resources, that otherwise may be available for other clients. As such, Dezignext Technologies has established onsite/private class policies that all clients engaging us for these services agree and abide to upon execution of a training agreement or issuance of a Purchase Order for such services.

I understand:

  • Payment: Payment is due within 15 days from booking of an onsite/private class. To request alternative payment terms, you must get approval in writing through your Account Representative. If payment is not received by the due date, Dezignext technologies may delay or cancel the associated onsite/private class until full payment is received.
  • Cancellation/Reschedules: Must Be Made in Writing
    • More than 7 days before class start: Any cancellation made more than 7 days prior to class start date will be refunded minus any non-refundable costs incurred by Dezignext Technologies, such as non-refundable travel expenses or courseware already ordered.
    • Less than 7 days before class start: Any cancellation made less than 7 days prior to class start date will be due no refund and you will be required to pay the full onsite class fee. We assign resources to clients 2 to 3 weeks out from class start that may have otherwise been available for another client. You will be allowed to reschedule the onsite class 1 time, once payment is received and will be responsible to pay any additional instructor travel costs incurred by a late cancellation (such as non-refundable travel expenses).
  • Disputes: In any litigation, arbitration, or other proceeding by which one party either seeks to enforce its rights under this Agreement (whether in contract, tort, or both) or seeks a declaration of any rights or obligations under this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be awarded its reasonable attorney fees, and costs and expenses incurred.

Course Retake Policy

You are permitted to retake an online class one time within six months from the date you originally attended the class. There must be a training session held and seats available on the date you request. If there are no seats available on the date you request, you may contact us closer to the date of the class to determine if any seats are available.

You may cancel your retake 24 hours or more before the class and re-schedule the class for another date. Cancellations of a retake less than 24 hours before the class start time will cause you to lose the retake privileges for that class. If you request a retake and do not attend, your retake privileges for that class are considered used.

Retakes of the following training types are not allowed:

  • Onsite classes
  • Private Classes
  • Consulting
  • Tutoring
  • Classes from another training source or program

You must use the student courseware provided in your original class unless you purchase a new courseware guide.

Privacy Policy

For privacy information, please visit our privacy policy here.